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Why not a Blog? C-Brand site always appeared on our meetings agenda. Many ideas came up. More than a company site, we wanted a place where we could show our opinion and see the opinion of people who was reading it. Besides, we had imagined a dynamic place, with continuous updates, always changing and with news. Ultimately, a place to be regularly visited. The shape of a blog fits perfectly to our needs. So, C-Blog, C-Brand’s site was created. In this blog, we shall post our works and our opinions on several subjects. It is worth remembering that C-Blog is also an area for guests to express their point of views, insights and opinions. A small navigation menu appears on the right. The posts are divided into three categories: Works, Opinion and Look. At the first category, we will discuss the works developed by C-Brand; at Opinion, we will make available a place for our consultants and guests to write about issues related to C-Brand acting; and at Look, we will display images, photos and videos with good ideas, new trends and curiosities, always related to strategy, design and innovation.
Welcome to C-Blog. Visit us often!

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