How we work

The methodologies adopted by C-Brand allow a holistic view of the situation and result in practicable alternatives which are adjusted to brand strategy, without loosing commitment to innovation. Upon analyzing the scenario in which the business is inserted, we reconsider and plan the best way to be followed. Our purpose is to find direct and objective solutions in a creative way.

C-Brand works with four lines of action, which interact and complete themselves, set out as c - a b c d :

c-analysis . A support for strategic decision taking using research tools, in a more safer and objective and less intuitive manner.

Products: Concept diagnostics, communication diagnostics, product diagnostics, development of creative insights, reports obtained through public opinion polls, primary and secondary market data survey, trends survey and appraisal of business opportunities.

c-branding . Brand creation and management. Creative process developed side by side with the proceedings assuring market value to the brand and the due legal protections.

Products: Naming, brand architecture, brand identity, establishment of positioning and codes, individuality, brand experience, brand strategy, records, patents, brand opinion.

c-communication . Communication creation and management.
C-Brand analyses the origin of resources and the best way to allocate budget appropriation, for communication to be sustainable and bring positive results.

Products: Communication plans, communication campaigns, concepts definition, adjustment with brand strategy, information architecture, annual report.

c-design . Creation and development of products combining structure, function and processes. Project management assuring technical feasibility for production and development of products.

Products: products creation, projects management, creation process follow up, signaling, pieces for point of sale, setting architecture.

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